Vertical Combo 18′ Wide Metal Carport Pricing
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  • About the Vertical Style Combo Unit Carport
    On the Boxed Eave Style Combo Unit with the Vertical Roof, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the combo unit to the sides, unlike the Regular Style and the Boxed Eave Style where the Roof Panels are installed horizontally. This Vertical Roof configuration displaces water, snow, etc., much more efficiently and water will not pond on the roof. The Vertical Roof Style also has "Purlins' running length wise attached to the bows, which are basically a metal frame for the Vertical Roof Panels to be attached to. This also makes the structure more sturdy.
    Customize Your Box Style Combo Unit Carport
    We offer a variety of options with our Vertical Roof Style Combo Units. You can add additional enclosed storage for more space inside, and/or panels down the side to keep the blowing rain off of your vehicles or equipment. You can also add windows, walk-in doors, extra bracing, ground installation anchors, & more while ordering. You can select from 13 color choices for the roof, walls, and trim colors. We offer several standard sizes to save you money. We can also build custom configurations according to your needs & specifications, including different size roll-up doors, roll-up doors on the side, specific widths, lengths, & more.
    Payment Options
    Pay only a 12% partial payment when you order. Balance & your sales tax is not paid until installation is complete, & you are satisfied with the product & installation.
    The Fine Print
    *Many states and cities require building certification. We can install one of these Vertical Roof Style Metal Carports to your level ground or existing concrete slab. Certified to 110 MPH Wind Speed & 20 PSF Snow Load with the Standard 14 Gauge Steel Frame, & 120 MPH - 30 PSF with the Optional 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel Frame, if properly anchored to a suitable surface. We offer up to 150 MPH Wind Speed & 65 PSF Snow Load Certification for an additional charge if needed.

    Small charge for engineering plans if needed. Certification is based on concrete installation with a proper footing or use of optional ground installation anchors to a suitable surface. Optional braces are required and included in price for 9' to 12' legs.
    Price Includes
    6' Legs, One 6' x 6' Roll-Up Door, 5' Enclosed Storage, 14 Gauge Frame, All Bows/Legs 5' On Center, & One Center Brace On Every Bow. Center Height 8' 6" with Free Delivery & Installation!*
  • 18' x 26' Vertical Roof Style Combo Unit
    Sale Price $2,770.00
    18' x 31' Vertical Roof Style Combo Unit
    Sale Price $3,070.00
    18' x 36' Vertical Roof Style Combo Unit
    Sale Price $3,370.00
    18' x 41' Vertical Roof Style Combo Unit
    Sale Price $3,770.00